Quality Wheel Refurbishment Services

Do You a Require Wheel Refurbishment Service?

Are you in need of wheel a refurbishment to keep your car looking sleek and stylish again? Have you managed to scratch the outside of your rims when trying to park, or even going around a roundabout? At Alloy Fix, we specialise in the refurbishment of alloy wheels for clients with cars of all makes and models in the most cost-effective way possible.

From diamond cutting and buckled repairs, to powder coating and metal refinishing, you can rest assured that Alloy Fix will cater to your alloy wheel refurbishment needs. We fix any wheel or rim damage. Having been around for many years, we have built a fully-equipped workshop which gives us access to the most advanced tools that helps us accomplish what we do. We specialise in wheel refurbishments for clients based in Romford, Essex, locals in surrounding areas and for anybody that decides to pop into our workshop. All work carried out for our clients is completed in house to ensure that efficiency is met in regards to customer waiting time. We value your time here at Alloy Fix.

Quality Controlled Process of Wheel Refurbishment Services

  1. Once you have arrived at our workshop, we will designate your vehicle to one of our allocated parking spaces or loan wheels. Your car is left fully secure in our parking lot, preventing any damage from outsiders.

  2. Once when have jacked your vehicle up and placed it on axel stands for safety. We will then remove the wheel from the hub after removing the bolds that hold the wheel secure. We then remove the tyre from the rim, inspecting it for any buckles and cracks before proceeding onto the wheel refurbishment processes. Take a look at how we repair cracked wheels! We also inspect the tyre to check for any damage to the inside.

  3. Our next process is the stripping of the wheels. This process involves the dipping of the wheels into a special chemical that removes all previous paintwork, coating as well as rubber leaving bare aluminium. This step is highly significant when trying to ensure a perfect finish.

  4. We then sandblast the wheels with a high-speed aluminium oxide. This removes any dust and corrosion, giving the surface a new-like, smooth touch.

  5. Using our special hand tools, we remove any curb rashes that you may have acquired from trying to park or by the use of any other manoeuvres. This process is more so used for minor cosmetic damages that you may occurred on your alloy wheels.

  6. Powder coat is then applied and sent to the ovens to cure after the wheels go through a phase what is known as degassing.

  7. Our vertical alloy wheel lathe then polishes the more premium, new wheels. This is done by placing the wheel into a machine that takes all the microns off of the face of the wheel. (Note that not all rims are fit to go through this process.)

  8. Once the diamond cut process has occurred, the wheels then go back to the ovens with the other wheels to get a powdered acrylic lacquer. This creates that gloss look to give it that finishing touch with a vibrant finish.

  9. Once the wheels have cured, the powder coat has hardened and the gloss levels are deepened. We then use our state of the are balancing machine to balance the wheels to prevent any vibration on the steering wheel when going to high speeds. We apply new rubber valves if removed or put your valve sensor back in, fit tyres with the recommended pressure that is found in your car manual and torque the wheels to the manufacture’s specification.

Quality Wheel Refurbishment Services

We understand that prices are the main cause for concern when looking to refurbish alloy wheels. You can also look at our price list to see what price is recommended for you and a list of our other services. We offer reliable and cost-effective solutions for when you need to use one of our many services. This is why here at Alloy Fix, we offer other finance options such as PayL8R. Pay on your terms with 0% interest. You can either pay us in 30 days, split the costs over 3, 6, 9 or 12 months or spread the cost at 0% interest. What’s not to loves about us? So, if you’re looking to refurbish your alloy wheels, get in touch with us here at Alloy Fix.

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