Quality Cracked Wheel Repair

Does your cracked wheel need repairing?

Have you recently driven over a pothole that has damaged your alloy rim? Does your tyre keep on going flat for no apparent reason? Stop what you’re doing. Welcome to Alloy Fix, the leading automotive alloy repair refurbishment centre. Situated in Romford, Essex we specialise in the repairs of cracked alloy wheels for clients who wish to pop into our repair centre. Cracked rims are considered very dangerous for not just yourself, but for other drivers on the road and should be avoided completely to prevent the cause of any hazards. Cracking your rim will eventually affect the performance of your tyre, causing it to deflate and if driven on for even a minute fraction of time, will result in the tyre being run flat. This is why here at Alloy Fix, we use special, state of the art technology to repair your cracked alloy wheels.

You may be thinking, “But why should I trust you here at Alloy Fix? Why don’t I just go and buy another alloy wheel for my car?” From establishing our business many years ago, we have managed to develop our knowledge and understanding in the industry of alloy wheel restorations with the addition of making driving safe again. We have accumulated a total of 138 reviews on Google Reviews which has resulted in us achieving a 4.8 score average from our customers. Here at Alloy Fix, we are specialists and come second-to-none. We don’t believe in botched jobs so we enlighten our customers on how we repair cracked alloy wheels. Gary Vacciana states “I had my Alloy's repaired by Alloy Fix and cannot recommend them enough, they were diamond cut and the finish was above my expectations. The staff was polite and informative and extremely helpful in making me understand what I could do in terms of finish, I'd definitely use them again! Top boys!”

Quality Controlled Process of Cracked Alloy Wheel Repairs

  1. Once your vehicle enters our repair shop, we first jack your car up, placing axel stands underneath to prevent any damage if the jack decides to fail. We then remove the alloy rim from your car, preventing any scratches when removing the bolts.

  2. Once we have removed the wheel, the tyres are then removed by our expert tyre technicians, remove vales/valve sensors whilst being careful. The wheels are then checked for any dents or cracks before we take the restoration any further. Aside from this, we check the condition of the tyre, making sure that it has not been run flat. If it has, we inform the customer with the suggestion on investing into some new tyres.

  3. In this next process, we send your wheel to the chemical room, Here the wheels are dipped in special chemicals where all the previous paintwork and rubber from the previous tyre are stripped, removing all the dirt and grime leaving nothing but bare aluminium. This stage is considered the most crucial in regard to alloy wheel repairs.

  4. Moving onto the next step, we sandblast your wheel with high-speed aluminium oxide to remove any rust or corrosion, giving the surface a smooth and silky touch before moving onto the next step.

  5. Once we have made the wheel smooth to touch, we proceed with our second inspection, again, checking for any cracks that might be more visible once the rust and corrosion have been removed. More than usual, we usually find all cracks and dents on the first inspection.

  6. Our state-of-the-art technology used by our advanced techniques then straightens and welds any cracks found in both of the inspections, restoring the circular shape of the wheel if any dents were found.

  7. Any curb rashes that you may have occurred when going around a roundabout or trying to park are then removed from the wheel. This is done by using our small hand tools that are made for cosmetic damages. This prepares us for our next step of the powder coating phase.

Quality Cracked Wheel Repair Services

We understand that prices are the main cause for concern when looking to repair cracked alloy wheels. You can also look at our price list to see what price is recommended for you and a list of our other services. We offer reliable and cost-effective solutions for when you need to use one of our many services. This is why here at Alloy Fix, we offer other finance options such as PayL8R. Pay on your terms with 0% interest. You can either pay us in 30 days, split the costs over 3, 6, 9 or 12 months or spread the cost at 0% interest. What’s not to loves about us? So, if you’re looking to repair your cracked alloy wheel, get in touch with us here at Alloy Fix.

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