Are you looking for a quick and effective alloy wheel repair?

Look no further than Alloy Fix for a efficient, high quality service. We take great care to ensure all of our alloy wheel repairs are completed thoroughly. Unlike other companies, we strive to ensure the alloy wheel is left completely repaired and not likely to require repair shortly after. In addition to this, our services are priced at highly competitive rates whilst never lacking on quality. So, when you require an alloy wheel specialist, contact Alloy Fix.

Why is it essential to keep your alloys in good condition?

Keeping your alloy wheels in tip-top conditions can extend the life of your wheels as well as the vehicle they belong to. Potholes, raised curbs and debris in the road can sometimes make this a difficult task. Hitting one may cause weird vibration you never noticed before or a thumping sound you cannot remembering hearing, the handling is all off and you notice you spend a lot more time in the fuel station than you used to.

Leaving these symptoms unattended may cause uneven wear in the tyres, suspension and steering components. Costing thousands and reducing the life span of the car.

Coughing up for a new alloy may not be feasible or even necessary. For most cases of buckled wheels, Alloy Fix ltd can take care of the problems for you. Whether your wheels have cracked or need straightening give us a call before you invest in a brand-new wheel which most times will need some sort of paint to match the other wheels.

Buckled wheel? Needs straightening? Stop stressing we are here to help.

A buckled wheel can mean one of two things, either a radial or lateral buckle. Put into Lehman’s terms either a flat spot on the wheel or a warp within the structure of the wheel. Either way our highly experienced technicians together with a state-of-the-art machine will have you rolling again in no time. Our patent pending process evolves using Europe leading wheel straightening machine which used hydraulic rams and dial gauges on a very hot wheel to get the wheel back to manufacture specifications.

Cracked wheel? No problem!

A cracked wheel will leak air and cause damage to your wheel as well as your tyres. Left unattended the crack will grow past a point it cannot be repaired. It may even fail completely with a big enough impact. At Alloy fix LTD we take welding very seriously and do all we can to stop the crack growing, repair it and make sure it doesn’t come back. With our specially sourced welding rods we are so confident in the repair we give it a 6 months warranty.

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